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Discover TactiMorp’s Commitment to transforming mobility with groundbreaking neurosuit technology. Experience the fusion of innovation and care with Tactimorp’s advanced medical solutions.

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TactiMorp is dedicated to revolutionizing support for those with muscular or neurodegenerative diseases, focusing on overcoming current therapeutic challenges. Our innovative bodysuit, inspired by soft robotics, enhances mobility, muscle mass, and tactile sensation using soft hydraulic tubes and an electro-neural net. The TactiMorp Neurosuit, specifically aiding those with hand and arm impairments, provides daily assistance and muscle strengthening. This product represents a transformative journey towards independence, aligning with global trends in personalized healthcare and soft robotics. TactiMorp stands at the forefront of a medical revolution, aiming to redefine assistive medical technology and significantly improve lives.

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We are dedicated to transforming lives with the TactiMorp NeuroSuit, designed for individuals with muscular or neurodegenerative diseases affecting their hands and arms. This innovative suit features soft hydraulic tubes for daily activity assistance and continuous physiotherapy, along with an electro-neural net for simulating tactile sensations. Their approach merges soft robotics with electrical stimulation therapy, offering a comprehensive solution for enhanced independence and quality of life.

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Revolutionizing healthcare with advanced, assistive technology for muscular, neurodegenerative diseases.

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